Our Chess Club Got A Openbox V8S

It’s the time of year for fundraising again and as always people have been very generous. We really do not ask for a whole lot but we thought a good addition to the club would be some entertainment for after the games. We obviously have other board games but we wanted to get a TV in as well as some coffee making facilities to create a better atmosphere to hang out in. Obviously we do not have a big budget so getting a Sky or Virgin media subscription was out of the question. Luckily one of our members is into all these new technology trends and he recommended something called an Openbox v8s which gets free to air channels…for free!

We had an old satellite dish from a few years back when our hall used to be a community hall and we had a local guy come in and connect the Openbox V8S to the TV and satellite dish. So we now have some TV channels which is nice especially when the chess championships come around and we want to have gatherings in the club. So even if you are not a big chess fan feel free to pop in and have a chat. We are pretty welcoming and as well as TV we have Tea and Coffee and of course biscuits to go with :). Oh for those of you who want to know where to get an Openbox V8S I was given this link so you can read more about it there as I am not great with these sorts of things.

Also a reminder that our new chess sessions start on the 15th of APril for those interested please sign up via the contact page. Thanks.